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Laparoscopic Microscopic Tubal Reanastamosis

(Tubal Reversal)

The advanced surgical techniques used by Dr. Elghdewi and Dr. Abouhamra results in a low cost outpatient procedure (requires no overnight hospital stay).

Tubal reversal and anything pertaining to or complications resulting from this procedure are not covered under provincial health care (Alberta or Saskatchewan).

Laparoscopic Microscopic Tubal Reanastamosis

Lloyd Women's Clinic​

Surgeon & Assistant Fee

Certified cheque to made to Lloyd Women's Clinic prior to surgery.



Anesthesiologist PAC Fee 

(only if the anesthesiologist completed a telephone interview with you or if they saw you prior to the surgery at the hospital/clinic)


Anesthesiologist Procedure Fee

Cash Only. Paid on the day of surgery to the Operating Room Manager.


Lloydminster Hospital (04/2021 - 03/2022)

Pre-admission Clinic Fee

Tubal Reversal Fee

Inpatient Fee

ER Visit Fee

Docor's Fee

Current outpatient rate

Current MEDIUM Day Surgery Rate

If there are complications with the procedure and the patient requires admission

If the patient has complications after being discharged and returns to the ER






Estimated Total:

$7,471 CAD

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